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      "About 80% of all health problems that we see now are caused or contributed to by exposure of man-made electromagnetic fields radiation" 

      "A body of more than 6,000 studies has been accumulated since the 1930's, producing an overwhelming conclusion that exposure to microwave and electromagnetic fields is significantly harmful to all health and life itself"

      - Dr.Dietrich Klinghardt MD

      You may not realise it but the impact of wireless technology on human's health has been documented to be real and factual. WAVERIDER™ is a modern day scientific device created to address the growing concerns on the exposure of radiation in our living space.

      Where is man-made radiation in today's tech-savvy society?

      From the use of internet routers at home, work and public places to the excessive use of our mobile phones, we are constantly being bombarded by electromagnetic field radiation (EMR). Scientists and renowned researchers have shown that EMR affects our brain waves and its resulting performance and intelligence. Exposure to EMR affects our heart and nervous system and causes diseases and  growth of unexplained cell mutations. Specific cancers such as brain tumours are not uncommon even among young children in this modern day and age - a derivative of EMR exposure.

      The danger of being in an electro-smog environment

      Today there are many scientific evidence that have been proven to show that prolong exposure to EMR is a real danger to human's health, from fetal development to adulthood. Even animals are not spared. From stillbirths of young, low milk production in cattle and bees losing their natural ability to navigate their way back to the hives, there is no way to avoid the advancement of technology affecting our lives and those around us. We can either choose to change our lifestyle to avoid being exposed to EMR or we can retreat everyday to recharge ourselves and enable our bodies to rest from the constant bombardments of these invisible waves. Our families and workplaces can certainly benefit from Dr. Igor's latest scientific innovation to help with human's health and exposure of the increasing threats of EMR. 

      Dr.Igor Smirnov's Latest Invention - the WaveRider

      As founder and patent owner of the Molecular Resonance Effect Technology (MRET), Dr. Igor has now produced another innovative product called WAVERIDER™. It has the ability to negate the effects of radiation exposure to living organic matters within a space of 9-metre radius. Made from a proprietary polymeric material, once activated, WAVERIDER™ emits MRET frequencies that can travel through space and even walls and re-balances the natural rhythm of organic matters into its own natural resonance - humans, animals, water and plants. 

      Your home or office will become a sanctuary that will help your body go into its natural resonance. In addition, the healing effects of the Molecular Resonance Effect Technology will have a positive result on every aspect of your health and those around you. 

      WAVERIDER™ can be used in many different settings. Here are just a few recommendations.

      • Protection at the workplace - Workplace with heavy use of electronic and wireless equipment and computers. Eg. Server rooms, workplaces near satellites and broadcasting stations, X-ray departments, transport vehicles that are heavily wired such as airplanes, cars and others 
      • Protection at home - Homes near broadcasting stations or with a satellite dish, homes installed with wireless routers, and other numerous home electronic gadgets that gives out strong EMR. Heavy use of family members with computers, mobile phones, iPads/tablets.
      • Protection for the sick in hospitals, clinics and vets - Create a better resonance needed by sick patients or animals by helping them re-balance their body's resonance so that they can heal and hasten the recovery process better
      • Protection of guests at Health clubs (spas, massage & beauty parlours)  - to return the natural energy to the body and calm the mind quickly

      Create a sanctuary where protection and safety from bombardments of EMR becomes your priority




      Understanding Natural and Unnatural electromagnetic fields (EMF)

      Artificially generated electromagnetic fields are structurally different from the electromagnetic fields found in nature. Inside the human body, there exist subtle low frequency electromagnetic fields which are used for our daily cell-to-cell communication.

      These natural fields are RANDOM (or “noisy”) in their frequency, amplitude and waveform, whereas the artificial EMF are regular and constant. For example, EMF from cell phones appear as regular bursts of microwave radiation, EMF from computer monitors are saw-tooth shapes, and EMF from AC-powered devices are sinusoidal.

      The important thing to know is that our cells respond negatively to such regular fields and they become stressed and will naturally try to protect themselves biologically. Which may cause harm to our bodies.

      For cell-to-cell communication to happen in our bodies, they have to work in an environment of very low and subtle electromagnetic frequencies like that of Schumann Resonance (7.83 Herzt). These low random frequencies are needed for basic and vital cellular functions. Disturbances to the natural frequencies in our bodies caused by exposure to artificial EMFs have shown to cause undesirable dis-ease and ill-health.

      The Technology of WAVERIDER™ 

      WAVERIDER™ was desgined to emit MRET frequencies which can travel a distance through space using the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) waves. In the human body, the MRET frequencies then superimpose themselves on natural frequencies found in humans that has been affected by the EMR explosure. By superimposing a random field on the constant artificial field, the EMR-induced biological reaction from the body is eliminated. Thus helping to negate harmful EMR effects.With the return of our natural frequencies, the body is given the opportunity to do a cell-to-cell communication.WAVERIDER™ isolates EMR effects from affecting living cells and its therapeutic benefits creates a healthier mind and body. Feel calm and feel energized within minutes of being in an MRET activated environment.

      WAVERIDER™ shields you from the effects of EMR, protecting and normalising every living cells within its activated space of 9 sqm.



      1. What is the WaveRider ?

      The WaveRider is an anti-radiation device that protects us from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. The scientist who invented it, Dr. Igor Smirnov, was awarded two US patents for this technology.  

      2. What are the sources of electromagnetic radiation that affect us everyday?

      We actually live in an environment where man-made electromagnetic radiation is very pervasive.  Basically, electromagnetic radiation is emitted whenever electrical equipments are used.

      Around the home, hair-dryers, microwave ovens, refrigerators, TV, computers, cordless phones, vacuum cleaners, baby monitors and stereo receivers are all sources of electromagnetic radiation.

      Outside the home, we are continually bombarded by electromagnetic radiation from commercial WiFi routers, video screen displays, cell phone towers, radio transmissions, GPS systems, bluetooth and other electrical installations.

      Those of us who use cell phones actually carry around a source of electromagnetic radiation with us everywhere we go.

      3. What are some of the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation?

       According to Dr. Neil Cherry of Lincoln University, New Zealand. 

      “Scientific studies at the cellular level…show compelling and comprehensive evidence that RF (radiofrequencies, which generate electromagnetic radiation) exposure… which are a minute fraction of present “safety standards” resulted in altered brain function, sleep disruption, depression, chronic fatigue, headaches, impaired memory and learning, adverse reproductive outcomes including miscarriage, still birth, cot death, prematurity and birth deformities.

      Many other adverse health effects have been found, predominantly cancer of many organs, especially brain cancer, leukemia, breast cancer and testicular cancer.”

      4.  What are the effects of electromagnetic radiation on our bodies?

      Electromagnetic radiation causes our bodies to react negatively.  

      When our cells detect electromagnetic radiation (for example, from the cell phone or computer), they interpret it as a “danger signal”. Messages are sent to the cell nucleus, that cause gene expression changes.

      These gene expression changes trigger a cascade of events such as:

      -        changes in heart rate and variability

      -        enzyme activity changes

      -        proto-oncogenes are turned on

      -        stress genes are turned on and stress proteins are produced.

      The change in heart rate and variability causes an induction of heart stress condition.  When this is prolonged, this leads to a reduced chance of surviving an infarction.  

      Changes in enzymic activities causes changes in the normal cell metabolism processes.  One consequence of this is an increased rate of cell proliferation.  This in turn can lead to fetal abnormalities and cancer.

      Another consequence of changes in cell metabolism is that it interferes with and leads to changes in cell secretion.  One result of this is that it leads to changed production of brain substances, affecting our brain functions.  This will lead to stress and stress symptoms, hormonal disturbances, short-term memory loss, learning impairment, headaches and fatigue.

      Another effect of changes in cell secretion is a reduction of melatonin being produced by the brain’s pineal gland.  This triggers a series of disorders including mood disorders, behavioral disturbances, sleep disorders, disturbed circadian rhythm, and a feeling of permanent jet lag.

      The reduction in melatonin also causes our immune system to be impaired and down-regulated.  This means our body’s resistance to sickness and disease is lowered.  It can also lead to blood disorders and asthma.

      A third consequence of reduced melatonin production is that it can lead to an increase of DNA breaks, contributing to a disturbance of the body’s repair functions and chromosomal damage.  These may lead to fetal abnormalities, degenerative diseases like Alzheimer, Parkinson and also cancer.

      So we can see that the long-term and not-so-long term effects of prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation can damage various functions of our brain and body.

      5. How does the WaveRider protect us from electromagnetic radiation?

      WaveRider uses a proprietary, patented technology to counteract man-made electromagnetic radiation, by producing “natural” frequencies that “ride” on the waves of the electromagnetic radiation.  These frequencies form a field similar to that occurring in nature, which the human body has been long-accustomed to.

      These WaveRider frequencies are natural, random and noisy, and the cells of our bodies perceive them to be acceptable, and therefore do not react negatively against them.  Conversely, electromagnetic waves of the cell phone, WiFi and other electrical devices produce frequencies that are man-made and constant, which are interpreted as harmful to our health.

      When the WaveRider is turned on in the presence of cell phones, WiFi and other electrical devices, the resultant waves received by the body is an enhanced field.  This field is accepted by the cells as “normal” so there is no negative reaction from the cellular mechanisms.

      This means that our cells, in the presence of the WaveRider frequencies, are able to function without the adverse effects of the electromagnetic radiation.  

      6. Who invented the WaveRider ?

      The WaveRider is the brainchild of scientist-inventor, Dr. Igor Smirnov.  Dr. Smirnov was awarded two US patents for the technologies that led to the creation of the WaveRider.

      Dr. Smirnov specializes in advanced research on the influence of low frequency electromagnetic oscillations on human cellular physiology.

      He is most well known for his pioneering invention of the Molecular Resonance Effect Technology or MRET. His MRET technology has helped heal people suffering from a wide range of diseases ranging from cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer disease to psoriasis and chronic fatigue syndrome.

      Dr. Smirnov brings a depth of knowledge from nuclear engineering, mechanical and bioengineering, biological sciences, quantum physics, biophysics, biochemistry and even clinical psychology into his work. His works are well published in international scientific publications including the European Journal of Scientific Research, International Journal of Biophysics and Journal of Research in Biology, among others.

      7. How long will the WaveRider last?

      The WaveRider has a life span of 17,520 hours. 

      This means that if it is turned on for 10 hours a day, it will last more than four and a half years.  If it is turned on for 15 hours a day, it will last for slightly more than three years.

      A red light will begin to blink when 200 hours is left of the WaveRider’s lifespan.  

      8. What is the range of the WaveRider protection?

      The WaveRider’s protective coverage extends to a radius of 9 meters, or roughly 30 feet.  

      This means that anyone using the WiFi or cell phone or other electrical appliance within 9 meters (30 feet) of the WaveRider will enjoy the benefits of its WaveRider frequencies.

      10. Can the WaveRider field go through the walls?

      The WaveRider, as its name implies, “rides” on the electromagnetic waves in the home or office.  Just as these electromagnetic waves penetrate the walls, so too, the beneficial field of the WaveRider can go through walls.  

      So you can place the WaveRider in your living room, and use your cell phone or WiFi in your study or bedroom and still enjoy the protection of the WaveRider.  This is provided the distance between the WaveRider and you is within 9 metres (30 feet).

      11. Will the frequencies from the WaveRider affect the signals of our cell phones or WiFi?

       The WaveRider is unique in that its frequencies ride on the signals of our cell phones and WiFi, yet they do not in any way distort these cell phones and WiFi signals.

      In other words, the clarity of communication when using the cell phone and WiFi remains the same.  The WaveRider’s frequencies do not interfere with the cell phone or WiFi signals.

      12. Does the WaveRider help to reduce the brain’s absorption of electromagnetic radiation from cell phones?

      Yes, it does.  

      Radiation from cell phones and other wireless devices is often measured in terms of SAR values.  SAR stands for Specific Absorption Rate.  It is the rate at which the body absorbs the radiofrequency energy from the cell phone or wireless device.

      Tests on the WaveRider indicated that it actually does reduce the SAR values in 65% of the data points of the phantom head used in the tests.  The magnitude of this decrease in SAR values range from 10 to 40 %. 

      In other words, the WaveRider can almost halve the brain’s absorption of radiofrequency energy into the brain.

      13. How do I know that the WaveRider is working?

      When the WaveRider is working, you will see the two small LED lights lighted up.  One is a green LED that remains steadily lit up.  The other LED light flashes alternately from green to yellow.

      14. What can I expect to experience or feel when I first use the WaveRider?

      The beneficial effects of the WaveRider differ from person to person, since each person has a different set of health and physical characteristics and needs.

      In general, most people report that upon using the WaveRider, they are able to sleep better, more deeply, and longer. Many report that they wake up feeling more refreshed.

      A common feedback is that they feel more mentally alert, less fatigued and clearer in their thinking.  

      All these, despite not reducing their workload or time at the computer or cell phone calls.

      According to Dr. Igor Smirnov, the beneficial and healthful frequencies in the WaveRider will lead to a gradual general improvement in our health over a period of time.  There is likely to be an increase in energy levels and a boost to the immune system over time.

      Dr. Smirnov has put into the WaveRider a package of frequencies that causes a positive resonance for the brain. This is likely to reduce lethargy, increase motivation to solve problems and enable the brain to function more effectively. 

      The WaveRider also has frequencies targeted at improving the immune system.  When our immune system improves, we can expect that some diseases and illnesses will over time diminish.  One user of the WaveRider who had prematurely menopaused, reported that her menstruation started again after she started using the WaveRider.

      15. Why are parents advised that their children should not use a cell phone until they are 15 years old?

      From the time they are born, our children’s brains and bodies continue to grow and develop non-stop till somewhere in their late teens.  

      As the brains, internal organs and skeletal structures develop and grow, they are particularly susceptible to the negative impact of electromagnetic radiation.  Prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation has been known to damage DNA and impair natural cellular processes.  

      Because children’s brains and bodies are still growing, the rapid cell multiplication and growth rates make them very vulnerable to DNA damage.  Research has shown that radiation from cell phones and WiFi causes diminished reaction time in children, decreased motor function, increased distraction, hyperactivity and inability to focus on complex and long term tasks.

      Children’s skulls are also smaller and thinner, which means that the electromagnetic radiation will penetrate deeper into their brains. Their brain tissues are softer and have far more rapidly dividing cells than the adult, which means that they will absorb far more of the radiation and suffer greater harm than the equivalent adult.

      The harm that electromagnetic radiation can cause to children is so well recognized that schools in France are not permitted to use WiFi, while Belgium has disallowed the sale of children-specific cell phones. Many schools in Australia and other countries have limited or disallowed wireless communication.  

      Instead, worldwide, as the average person becomes increasingly aware of the great dangers posed by wireless communications, there is mounting pressure for governments and education authorities to use wired networks in schools instead of networks using wireless broadband systems, including WiFi.                     


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