Hydraction I (Hydrogen Water Maker for Home)



    Hydraction Hydrogen Water has the same properties as the world's healing springs 

    However, if you do not drink these waters directly at the site, it has no effect because the dissolved hydrogen etc is missing.


    The Revolutionary Technology from Korea

    The HYDRACTION hydrogen water generator will make hydrogen rich water for you within a few minutes. (3~5 minutes) Just pour your filtered water into the container.

    The Health Benefits of Hydrogen

    Persistent oxidative stress is one of the major causes of most lifestyle-related diseases and cancer, and accelerates the aging process.

    Hydrogen has an excellent impact on getting rid of active oxygen (free radicals), which accounts for more than 90% of modern illnesses.

     Benefits of Drinking Hydrogen-Enriched Water:

    • improve cellular health and protection from diseases caused by free radicals
    • enhance better nutrient absorption in the body
    • better hydration for your body 
    • improves muscle-tissue functions & joints mobility
    • improves quality of life of cancer patients undergoing treatment
    • increase blood circulation
    • helps to lower saturated fat levels
    • reduce ageing to give healthy looking skin
    • reduce constipation problems
    • aids in lowering cholesterol levels
    • detoxifies your body
    • improves skin condition and for beautiful skin
    • Helps heal ulcers & sores
    • Improvement of allergies & asthma
    • Stabilizes health & support healing



    The History of Hydrogen Water 

    The HYDRACTION hydrogen water has same properties as the world's 4 miracle healing spring water; Lourdes Spring Water (France), Tlacote Water (Mexico), Nordena Water (Germany), Nadana Water (India) Studies on the springs have been done due to constant testimony of people who argue that they have been cured by drinking miracle water. They were all found to have one thing in common: water bodies containing a large amount of hydrogen. 

    In May 2007, a research team lead by professor Ota Shigeo produced a global sensation with their work released in Nature Medicine, the journal of medicine research, suggesting that Hydrogen helps to neutralise active oxygen (free radicals) which are implicated with aging and degenerative disease.(various types of cancer, diabetes, obesity, eczema, dermatitis, arthritis, etc) Active Hydrogen simply attaches to active oxygen, converting into water or H2O. 




    Studies on curing and preventing various diseases with hydrogen and medical fields have been actively conducted since it does not have any side effects or risk for overdose.

    Since the first publication of a paper showing the effects of H2 in Nature Medicine in 2007, the biological effects of hydrogen have been confirmed by more than 38 physiological and clinical tests, to the extent of releasing about 250 studies on animal and clinical trials.

    Hydraction hydrogen-rich water generator that has received an international patent and is expected to play a leading role in spreading the use of the invention. 

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  • Testimonials


    "Hello. I have encountered changes in my health since I started drinking hydrogen-rich water in early February. I have diabetes and my average blood sugar level increased to 300. I received Handong Hydraction as a gift from acquaintances in February and started to use it regularly, drinking hydrogen-enriched water instead of regular water. I continued to take the same medication with my hydrogen-rich water, to my surprise my sugar level declined. Initially, my glucose level can go as low as 200 after drinking hydrogen-rich water. Recently, it has gone down even lower to 100 which was amazing.
    We must drink hydrogen-rich water regularly for it to take effect on our health. I noticed that especially when I drink hydrogen-rich water, together with my medication, it would boost my healing benefits."
    By Cheongug-ui Jewang


    "When I am fatigued my body is prone to getting viral infections, with symptoms like mouth sores and ulcers that occur and can last for weeks. The first few weeks it is generally difficult to eat. The first three days is uncomfortable as the skin starts to shed and blisters and sores appear. The sores usually burst two weeks after sinking it in treatments. Vitamin B2 and salt are effective remedies, but it takes time to cure the infection completely since it is viral. Applying honey on the open sores and dryness can give some relief and protection.
    This time was different. Even with a handful of medication, the blisters caused are lessened but still takes an average of three days for the symptoms to be relieved. I have been taking propolis supplements regularly to know the efficiency of propolis alone. Together with hydrogen-rich water, the symptoms and infections can be cured within the same week. Even blisters that appear do not worsen with pain or unpleasant symptoms…particularly strange.
    I also notice that I urinate much more frequently when drinking hydrogen-rich water. My stools have improved with moderate hardness, not loose.
    Thanks to hydrogen-rich water from Handong Hydro, my quality of life have improved measurably with these changes in my body."
    By Huigyeong-Ibnida


    "I learned about Handong Hydraction by chance when I was introduced to it by several friends.We had been living in poor atmospheric conditions since the birth of my youngest daughter. The poor air conditions caused me to develop atopic dermatitis. After drinking hydrogen-rich water with my family for a while, I started to see it take effect.

    I have a constitutional body with weak digestion, suffering from chronic constipation. In the winter, my skin gets very dry, looking scary unless I cover with makeup. In particular, an outbreak of papules which spreads to the sides under my eyes and chin, pulling at the dry skin. I will have to constantly apply moisturizing cream.The first week I drank 2 litres a day consistently. At the end of week one my bowel movements increased to twice a day regularly. I used to pick at a rash outbreak on my forehead but now it has healed and my body feels light and refreshed. My weight had even fallen by 2kg.Papules have shrunk visibly and dry skin symptoms have been reduced, no more stiff and pulling sensation at my face. Perhaps my body is able to eliminate the toxins effectively due to the smooth and regular bowel movements.

    Hydrogen-rich water has improved my lifestyle...excited to see more improvements!"

    By Gimeunha






  • Frequently Asked Questions

    1.     How is Resonated Water different from magnetized and cellular waters?

    Cellular water has organized structure that depends on the structure of biological macromolecules (large molecules) since water molecules have the tendency to be attracted to macromolecules. For example, there is water with specially organized structure around the DNA macromolecules. Cellular water can retain its structure when water molecules are located around the surface of biological macromolecules within long period of time.

    Magnetized water is a result of the effect of steady magnetic field on foreign substances in water that have mostly paramagnetic properties. This process can create certain clusters of paramagnetic substances in water and affect water molecules as well.

    Resonated Water is a result of the effect of oscillating resonance magnetic field of specific frequency on molecular structure of water. There is a process of resonance excitation of water molecules there. This process is related with quantum transitions in clathrate microcavities that are non-linear, multi frequent process. Resonated Water can be in activated state for a long period of time. It has more informative property such as changed dielectric permittivity, viscosity, etc.

    2.     Is it possible to reduce the time of activating from the current 30 minutes?

    Based on experiments, 30 minutes is found to be the most optimum time for activation.

    3.     It is known that water has unstable structure in itself. Is it possible for Resonated Water to maintain its effects as the same even after boiling or freezing it?

    It is possible to assume that boiling of Resonated Water can affect properties of Resonated Water as a result of destruction of hydrogen bonding at high temperature. On the contrary, the freezing of Resonated Water will enhance its properties.

    4.     How is Resonated Water different from cold Resonated Water?

    According to the general concept of thermodynamics heating process leads to relaxation of any system into the thermodynamic equilibrium state. Resonated Water activation process is a process of creation of specific molecular structure in the body of water. The heating process may affect specially organized molecular structure and lead to dissociation of hydrogen bonding in water. It may reduce the level of Resonated Water activated state; however activation of molecular structure will be kept in water for long period of time. In case of cold Resonated Water there is no destruction of hydrogen bonding and reduction of activation as well.


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