Lumine Perfect Health

  • LUMINE® Perfect Health helps to minimize the risk of hardening of arteries and preventing the rapid deterioration of cardiovascular system. 

    It helps to boost the performance of the heart and strengthens the structure of the arteries to prevent rupture that often results in stroke and heart attacks. 

    Most importantly, it aims to potentially delay many aging-related cardiovascular ailments effectively. 

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  • Revealing the nature's anti-aging secrets 

    Anthocyanins are active substances that are produced when a plant is under stressful conditions, to defend itself from rotting and spoilage. Found mostly in fruits, Anthocyanins can be identified easily as they are also natural pigments responsible for the variety of colors. The darker the colors of the fruit, the more powerful the anti-oxidant will be. Carefully extracting and preserving active Anthocyanins from 12 different types of dark-coloured organic fruits, Lumine Perfect Health also contains CoQ10, Collagen, ALA, to enable your body to recover from damage and stress quickly and effectively and also to promote health and beauty. 


    To unleash the fullest potential of Lumine Perfect Health, 4 essential body substances are included to replenish what is lost in your body, namely HTC Collagen, CoQ10, ALA and L-Carnitine. Through nano-technology, these active ingredients are absorbed into the body blood stream and delivered to your inner body for them to start acting immediately. Triple Helical TropoCollagen (HTC) is the highest grade of natural collagen available today. Only from Japan, it is able to bond closely with our internal organs to build a defensive wall that is able to prevent carcinogenic cells from spreading. HTC Collagen is scientifically known to promote insulin activity, suppress surging hunger, and improve cells renewal and the immune system. 

    Nutritional Information

    LUMINE® Perfect Health contains anti-free radicals anthocyanins from 12 types of organic & natural fruits and vegetables. Other ingredients include:

    o   960mg HTC Collagen

    o   45mg CoQ10

    o   75 mg Probiotics

    o   330mg L-Carnitine

    One satchet of LUMINE® Perfect Health contains natural anthocyanins and micronutrients from 25kg of fruits & vegetables.

    1.       Acai Berry

    2.       Apple

    3.       Banana

    4.       Blackcurrant

    5.       Blue Berry

    6.       Carrot

    7.       Kiwifruits

    8.       Orange

    9.       Pomegranate Seeds

    10.     Red Grapes

    11.     Tomato

    12.     Young Barley Grass

  • One box contains 20 satchets of powdered LUMINE® Perfect Health

    Add about 200ml of cool water to one satchet, stir well and drink. You are recommended to drink continuously for 5 days to promote activation of repair and replenishment of key active substances in the body. Rest for the following 2 days after that to encourage natural biological repair.

    Drink In the Morning: Deep Cleansing Of Arteries Everyday 

    Because LUMINE® PERFECT HEALTH understands how your biological body works, drink in the morning before breakfast for optimal health and beauty benefits. It ensures vital nutrients and anti-oxidants are delivered to the whole body when it is most receptive and blood circulation the fastest.

    Drink At Night: Burn Excessive Fats While You Sleep

    Drink in the evening before bedtime for optimal beauty and diet burning benefits. Although our body comes to rest but it is also the busiest time for our body as it concentrates on self-repairing the day's work while HTC™Collagen combined with L-Carnitine accelerates our body fat-burning process even while you sleep.

    Each program should be at least 3 months depending on personal health conditions. People with prolonged adverse state of health are recommended to consume LUMINE® Perfect Health at least 6 to 12 months program.

    For weight loss purpose, drink LUMINE® Perfect Health as your last meal at least 2 hours before your bedtime (around 8pm).

    To understand your state of health and to see improvement to your health after consuming at least 3 months of LUMINE® Perfect Health, you are recommended to go for the APG & Microcapillary test before consuming your first satchet. Test is available at the HealthQuest shop by our trained specialists.

  • Frequently Asked Questions


    1.     What is the difference between Lumine Perfect Health and other health dietary supplementary products?


    Lumine Perfect Health is considered to be a functional food. It has 3 primary functions in the areas of promoting health, beauty and natural diet burning by up to 4 times. Lumine Perfect Health does not contain mere extracts, vitamins and minerals but is a unique formulation made up of 100% natural ingredients based on advanced life science that target on recovering your body's self-repair functions effectively and safely.


     2.     What is functional food?


    Functional food is a classification of food that first started in Japan in the early 1980s. Functional food serves specific known purposes. It aims to not only to promote certain health and/or beauty functions with ingredients but more importantly it tries to potentially minimize and alleviate conditions that could have detrimental effects on the inner and outer part of the body through unique formulation. In the next 10 to 20 years, Functional food will slowly replace conventional health food and will become the next generation of health/beauty enhancement products in United States, Europe, Middle East, China and South East Asia.


    3.     Where does Lumine Perfect Health originated from?


    Lumine Perfect Health originates from Japan. With more than 16 years of research and development, Lumine Perfect Health uses the latest manufacturing technology to ensure its bio-availability before being shipped to countries all over the world.


    4.     Is our body able to absorb the essences from Lumine Perfect Health easily?


    The high assimilation effectiveness is found through protein-bonded micro nutrients and anti-oxidants. It enables our body to absorb these nutrients by up to 90% within 5 minutes and deliver to our inner organs within 23 seconds. These micro nutrients and anti-oxidants are effectively put to rejuvenate your inner body to neutralize any harmful substances and hence, function better.


    5.     Can I drink more than 1 sachet a day?


    It is recommended to consume only 1 sachet in the morning before breakfast but you may also consume another sachet before bed in the evening to accelerate recovery. It is inadvisable to consume more than 2 sachets per day.


    6.     Can I still continue to consume after the initial 90 days cycle?


    Certainly. 90 days is the time needed for our biological body to recover naturally, similar to the amount of time our body takes to renew circulating blood. The product aims to enhance the natural renewal process for our body to notice asignificant improvement. It is highly recommended to continue to enjoy optimal benefits.


    7.     When and how should I consume the product for best results?


    You should take 1 sachet prepared with about 200ml of room temperature water, stir well for 5 seconds and it will be ready to serve. It is ideal to consume before breakfast on an empty stomach.


    8.     Can I consume the product everyday?


    No. However, it is recommended to consume 5 days consecutively and rest for 2 days each week and repeating it every week instead.


    9.     What is the significance of '5+2′ drinking cycle?


    Rich amounts of powerful anti-oxidants and micro nutrients are replenished into the body continuously for 5 days. The 2 rest days are for your inner body to stimulate self-repair ability, promote self-reliance and to regain organ functions before being replenished with nutrients again with repeated cycle.


    10.  Can I drink this product with other health dietary supplement?


    Yes, you may continue to take your existing dietary supplements but it is recommended to drink this product by itself prepared with 200ml of pure drinking water at room temperature to retain its effectiveness.


    11.  Should I avoid or abstain from any food?


    It is not known for Lumine Perfect Health to clash with any conventional food and beverage. However, you should avoid alcoholic beverage and smoking while taking the product. If you are taking regular medication, please seek the advice from your family doctor or nutritionist.


    12.  What can I do to ensure the effectiveness of the product?


    It is suggested and advisable for you to engage in physical sports and exercises that you enjoy such as jogging, swimming, dancing and etc. These activities improve your blood circulation, strengthened your inner body organs and dispel harmful toxins accumulated beneath your dermal skin layers through your perspiration. By doing so, your body can put to use the nutrients it has received to perform better and recover its functions faster.


    13.  What are some of the reactions that I can expect immediately?


    Because all our body conditions are different therefore can react differently. For some people, initial recovery reactions such as soft stools, foul-smelling urination, increased appetite, tiredness, flaking of dead skin may be encountered. However, they should not last for more than 2 to 3 days. For most, they can expect improved conditions of increased energy for mental and physical activities in the day, sound sleep at night, better digestion, reduced skin sensitivity, smoother skin texture and reduced weight.


    14.  Why do I feel aches on my body suddenly?


    This is a recovery reaction and is most likely encountered by advanced age (or anyone with the inner body's health of poor state). This is due to the inner body having started to receive rich nutrients and oxygen for it to start healthy functioning again. You should feel the pain subside and fine after 2 to 3 days.


    15.  Why do I see red patches on my arms?


    This is due to the increased blood circulation and the skin cells having received the micronutrients. They should subside within 3 to 5 days.


    16.  Why do I feel warm even at night?


    Such warmth is not due to the 'heatiness' that are commonly thought from Chinese Medicine perspective. Instead, it is a natural reaction from your body burning the excessive fats within the cells, similar to exercise.


    17.  I'm farting more often now, why is that so?


    As fats are being combusted within your body now, gases trapped earlier within the excessive fats have now been released causing them to be freed and dispelled from the body.


    18.  Why should I drink more water?


    As your body starts to recover, it is advised to drink at least 3 litres of water. It needed the water to boost the active substances which are mostly water soluble to take effect. In addition, it needs more fluid to 'wash away' the accumulated toxins.


    19.  Why did I put on slightly more weight?


    Lumine Perfect Health improves your digestive system and converts excessive body fats into energy. Due to natural reaction, your body might not be used to the loss of fats and could have 'encouraged' an increased appetite unconsciously to make up for the loss. You should try to be conscious about dietary intake during the initial stage and avoid increased intake of carbohydrates to achieve expected results.


    20.  I am a vegetarian, can I also consume the product?


    The product is made from 100% natural ingredients and mostly derived from plant sources. As most vegetarian are deprived of protein intake, it has caused their inner body to age prematurely. HTC collagen found in the product has been distilled, purified and of pharmaceutical grade. Therefore, they do not contain any animal by product.


    21.  Is the product suitable for Muslim?


    Yes, Lumine Perfect Health is HALAL completely certified by the HALAL Research Council of Malaysia and Asia. Muslim consumers can consume the product with ease.


    22.  Is Lumine Perfect Health suitable for children?


    Certainly. Lumine Perfect Health is suitable for anyone of all ages but most recommended for those aged 30 and above for early health recovery and maintenance.


    23.  I'm lactose intolerant, can I drink Lumine Perfect Health?


    Certainly, the product is made with non-dairy, non-GMO, bovine-free natural ingredients.


    24.  I'm expecting, can I drink Lumine Perfect Health?


    Yes, you can. As the ingredients and formulation are organic and natural, it is safe to consume any time by anyone even during pregnancy. But however, Lumine Perfect Health may burn away the fats needed to support the foetus in the womb, so it is not recommended during pregnancy.


    25.  Is the product suitable for diabetics?


    Yes, the sweet taste in Lumine Perfect Health only comes from natural fruit glucose. It also contains ingredients that are beneficial to lowering the glucose level in blood and minimizing insulin resistance.


    26. Is the product suitable for those with chronic ailments such as high blood pressure, gout, gastrointestinal inflammation, renal failure and etc?


    Yes. It is possible for those with chronic illness to consume Lumine Perfect Health to realize enhanced health and possibly, to aid in recovery. However, those with major illnesses, like any other product, should also seek medical advice before consuming.


    27.  How should I store the product?


    It is not necessary. However, due to its high activeness, it is highly sensitive to any heat. It should be stored in a cool, dry place and away from any heat source.

  • Name: Giam Kim Sah      

    Age: 60 Years Old    

    Consumption: 1 Month

    Location: Singapore

    “My pants were loosened!”

    One day, I went to one of my friend's shop. I saw a huge poster about LUMINE® (Perfect Health), it let me understood about healthy and slimming in detail. Beside from that, I saw my friend's figure become more healthy and slimmer. I felt she is so pretty now!

    After my friend told me more about LUMINE®, I bough 8 box for trying. I drink twice a day on morning and before bedtime, after consuming for 3 weeks, I found that the lump of fats on both side of my bra line had flattened and all my pants were loosened. The most important is I can clear my bowels easily everyday! I had tried before for different type and brand of slimming product, I knew that only LUMINE® is the right product for me.

    Thanks LUMINE ® .

    Name: Dorothy Tan

    Age: 60+ Years Old

    Consumption: 4 Months

    Location: Singapore

    “I lost 7kg within 4 months!”

    LUMINE® is a gem! I had wanted to slim down for many years, but had not been able to do so.

    When I found out about LUMINE® (PERFECT HEALTH), I decided to take it base on Annie Tiang's recommendation.

    Just after a few weeks of taking LUMINE®, I started to lose inches very quickly. I was amazed at the quick results! With LUMINE®, I lost 7kg within 4 months! I also found my health improving as LUMINE® is a powerful anti-oxidant and is known to be a good for the heart. Moreover, I was more energetic after taking the products.

    This product is one I will highly recommend to anyone who wants to slim down using a natural product and see REAL results!

    Name: Panpan Sungguh

    Age: 48 Years Old

    Profession: Image & Beauty Advisor

    Consumption: 6 Months

    Location: Singapore

    “I can clear my bowels without difficulty!”


    My working hours are irregular, sometimes I have to work 15 hours a day, sitting in front of the computer screen to prepared workshops material; sometimes I have to meet customers to do facials and others. I had a mild insomnia, and I was a light sleeper, meaning I would easily wake-up. But after taking LUMINE® (PERFECT HEALTH), my first sign is I fall to sleep – a deep sleep, fast! Secondly, I noticed my digestive system is getting better because I used to have very bad constipation. There was a period of time that I could only remove my bowels once in every 3 or 5 day! I was so depending on drinking slimming tea every night just for the purpose to go toilet in the morning. Now, after consuming LUMINE® for almost 6 months, I can go to the toilet after my meals without any difficulty!


    With good sleep and no constipation, my health has improved, my skin texture also has more radiance, and my body is slimmer and firmer. I also have enough energy to work and I don't get tired easily. The best part is my friends commented I look younger now!


    I introduced LUMINE® to a friend in mid July who was asthmatic and high cholesterol. Her immune system and metabolism were low; she also has serious constipation; easily tired and prone to sickness


    Well, after taking LUMINE® on the 5 th day, this was her feedback to me: “ I like the berry taste. I don ' t feel hungry, no thirsty feeling. Mind alert and energized. Minor bruise heals faster. Bowel movement by significant ” .


    After 1 month, we met and she sheared that her cholesterol level was lower, face radiant and overall her health has been improved significantly! She tried a lot of supplement products before and said LUMINE® is the best that she has ever come across and she believes LUMINE® will give back her health!

    I want to thank my friends Alive & Annie who had introduced LUMINE® to me and I feel great when I learn that LUMINE® has helped my friends and families in their health! I shall continue sharing LUMINE®!

    Name: Pauline Chew

    Age: 50 Years Old

    Consumption: 2 Months

    Location: Singapore

    “My complexion is more radiant.”


    I was suffering from indigestion and constipation and I also put on a lot of weight especially at the waist and around both sides of the bra line. I thought it's a common look for aunties of my age. Therefore, I had to change my wardrobe to loose fitting blouses.


    I was introduced to LUMINE® (PERFECT HEALTH) by my good friend who had benefited from it after taking for a few months and she insisted that I must give it a try.


    After using LUMINE® for a few days, I realized that I can clear my bowels every morning easily. I feel lighter and my complexion is more “glowing”. I do not have the bloated feeling anymore!


    A few weeks later, I found that the lump of fats on both sides of my bra line had flattened and when I try to put on the fitting T-shirts that I used to wear, I look fantastic!

    I am very satisfied with LUMINE® and I will definitely recommend it to my friends and relatives.

    Name: Sunny Tiang

    Age: 52 Years Old

    Profession: Retail Manager

    Consumption: 3 Months

    Location: Singapore

    “It absolutely cleanse my system!”


    As a manager running a retail outlet from 11am to 8pm in a shopping centre daily. I hardly find time to exercise and worse of all, I love food such as “char kway teow”, pork knuckle etc and my outlet is very close to the close to the food court, just 3 steps away!


    Since I was introduced to LUMINE® (PERFECT HEALTH) by my wife, I took it immediately the next morning on an empty stomach for the next one week, I feel that I have a very good bowel habit. It absolutely cleanses my system just like Chinese New Year's “spring-cleaning”. I feel that my stools is always “sticky” after taking LUMINE® for 3 months, my friends noticed that my face' skin texture is radiant with much more “glow” and also more energetic and lively!

    Thanks to LUMINE®, I will surely recommend to whoever that I come in touch with.

    Name: Yuki

    Age: 28 Years Old

    Profession: Retail Sales Executive

    Consumption: 3 Months

    Location: Singapore

    “I lost inches off my arms and waist!”


    Being a sales representative in a retail shop, I am required to look my best at all times and working 9 hours daily barely leaves me any time to exercise. After office hours, I enjoy drinking and partying with my friends late into the night often followed by supper.


    In order to maintain my well-being and prevent my skin from aging pre-maturely, I have tried consuming supplements but I stopped entirely due to the taste of the drink and the idea of taking pills.


    My boss introduced LUMINE® (PERFECT HEALTH) to me and he convinced me that it tastes nice and would be beneficial for my health. Therefore, I decided to give it a try for 90 days according to the program.


    LUMINE® tastes very berry-like and smells good. After going into the second month of consumption, I can see my skin becoming more radiant and giving me rosy cheeks. On top of that I look slimmer than before but to my surprise my weight remained the same although I lost inches off my arms and waist. LUMINE® provides the energy for me to work despite my late nights.


    Seeing the vast improvements on myself, I introduced it to my dad who works as a driver on long shifts and after taking it, he too has seen the changes to his well being as he feels energized.

    Thanks to LUMINE®, I am now able to party and work without having to worry about looking haggard.

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