Aquaphor Modern B200 Filter Cartridge

  • Replacement filter for purifying drinking water with your Aquaphor Modern system.

    Through a combination of fibrous and granular adsorbents, Aquaphor Modern deeply purifies tap water from all common contaminants whithout changing the hardness of the water.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What distinguishes AQUAPHOR from other filters?

    The main advantage that AQUAPHOR water purifiers have over their competitors is through the use of AQUALEN chelating ion-exchange fibers (US patented). Unlike most companies that make and sell water filters, AQUAPHOR develops and produces all filtration components specifically with household water purification in mind. Quality is controlled at every step of production. Thanks to its proprietary technology, AQUAPHOR creates filtration mixtures that provide maximally pure water at a maximal speed.

    2. Why would AQUAPHOR filters suit me?

    The effectiveness of AQUAPHOR filters have been proven over many years of use on Russian and Eastern European tap water. There is no doubt that they can handle the significantly less problematic tap water found in Singapore, Europe, the US, and other countries. If you live an area with particularly dirty water, AQUAPHOR filters are the perfect solution: they work better and last longer than other filters.

    3. What kind of filtration materials are used in AQUAPHOR water filters?

    The main filtration capability of AQUAPHOR filters is enhanced by a specially-made mixture of AQUALEN fibers and high-quality granulated activated carbon. Thanks to the high absorption rate of the filtering material and a large effective surface area, water passing through the filter is rendered free of chlorine, phenols, chlororganic compounds, petroleum compounds, and pesticides in about 30 seconds.

    4. Do AQUAPHOR filters block bacteria?

    One of the important qualities of AQUAPHOR water filters is their bactericidal activity. AQUALEN fiber is impregnated with activated silver to achieve this end. Laboratory experiments show that the fibers can block and keep from reproducing 10,000 bacteria per gram of filtration mixture.

    5. Can AQUALEN filter purify water that doesn't come from the tap?

    If you use a well, artesian water source, or an open-air water source, it's absolutely crucial to reduce the potential pollutants that can come in from neighboring roads, fields, and farms. AQUAPHOR filters were developed to clean municipal tap water. Because of that, we cannot guarantee as high a level of performance when it comes to water from non-municipal sources. Nonetheless, AQUAPHOR filters will make your water significantly safer by filtering out organic compounds, heavy metals, and disease-causing bacteria. Water like this does need to be boiled before drinking.

    6. How long will my filter cartridge last?

    The scientific consensus is that a human being needs three liters of water a day. Your filter will have a lifetime liter rating. Divide that by three, and you will know how many days your filter will last one person. Divide by six if your household contains two people, nine if three, and so on.

    7. How can I tell when my filter cartridge is exhausted?

    Unfortunately, "eyeballing" the filter is impossible, as most harmful impurities and pollutants have no taste or smell. The only reliable way to tell when your filter is done is to count in advance how much water your family uses on average in a day, and then divide the filter rating by that number. Keep in mind that the rating isn't applied across the board – if you're cleaning particularly dirty water, the filter needs to be changed earlier.

    8. Can AQUAPHOR filters release the impurities they accumulated back into the water passing through them?

    No. The filtration mixture used in AQUAPHOR filters quickly and reliably binds water-borne pollutants. In order to release dangerous substances – heavy metal ions, for example – a filter has to be heated up to 600 degrees Celcius. This effectively means that impurities captured by an AQUAPHOR filter cannot be released back into your drinking water.

    9. What happens if hot water is passed through an AQUAPHOR filter?

    Nothing bad, though afterwards the filter will need to be rinsed with cold water for about five minutes. That aside, hot tap water is not drinkable and is much dirtier than cold water. Passing hot water through a filter drastically reduces its service life. AQUAPHOR also makes filters specifically for hot water use, such as AQUAPHOR Viking with hot water modules.

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