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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    1.     How is Resonated Water different from magnetized and cellular waters?

    Cellular water has organized structure that depends on the structure of biological macromolecules (large molecules) since water molecules have the tendency to be attracted to macromolecules. For example, there is water with specially organized structure around the DNA macromolecules. Cellular water can retain its structure when water molecules are located around the surface of biological macromolecules within long period of time.

    Magnetized water is a result of the effect of steady magnetic field on foreign substances in water that have mostly paramagnetic properties. This process can create certain clusters of paramagnetic substances in water and affect water molecules as well.

    Resonated Water is a result of the effect of oscillating resonance magnetic field of specific frequency on molecular structure of water. There is a process of resonance excitation of water molecules there. This process is related with quantum transitions in clathrate microcavities that are non-linear, multi frequent process. Resonated Water can be in activated state for a long period of time. It has more informative property such as changed dielectric permittivity, viscosity, etc.

    2.     Is it possible to reduce the time of activating from the current 30 minutes?

    Based on experiments, 30 minutes is found to be the most optimum time for activation.

    3.     It is known that water has unstable structure in itself. Is it possible for Resonated Water to maintain its effects as the same even after boiling or freezing it?

    It is possible to assume that boiling of Resonated Water can affect properties of Resonated Water as a result of destruction of hydrogen bonding at high temperature. On the contrary, the freezing of Resonated Water will enhance its properties.

    4.     How is Resonated Water different from cold Resonated Water?

    According to the general concept of thermodynamics heating process leads to relaxation of any system into the thermodynamic equilibrium state. Resonated Water activation process is a process of creation of specific molecular structure in the body of water. The heating process may affect specially organized molecular structure and lead to dissociation of hydrogen bonding in water. It may reduce the level of Resonated Water activated state; however activation of molecular structure will be kept in water for long period of time. In case of cold Resonated Water there is no destruction of hydrogen bonding and reduction of activation as well.

    5.     How are therapeutic frequencies transmitted in water?

    Quantum electrodynamics calls for the existence of long-range electromagnetic fields that can be transmitted by large coherent domains existing in water (E. Del Giudice and E. Preparata, Journal of Biological Physics, vol. 20, p. 105, 1994).

    These long-range electromagnetic fields may transmit electromagnetic signals from molecules, thus generating specific attraction between molecules with matching spectra, excluding non-resonating, unwanted random events.

    6.     What is the mechanism that makes Resonated Water anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and mutation suppressive?

    This mechanism requires additional studies. Resonated Water has positive effect on self reparation process in case of signal and double-strand brakes in DNA structure that leads to suppression of mutation in the cells. It can also enhance function of immune system in the body. The proposed mechanism can be explained based on the fundamental law of physics. Taking into consideration that three dimensional structures of RNA molecules is specific and essential for each type of molecular complexes such as viruses, bacteria and other types of cells.

    It is possible to assume that the influence of the molecular structure of specific RNA polymers with subtle electromagnetic signals imprinted into the body of Resonated Water may lead to association or disintegration of RNA molecular structures, and as a result make possible to control mentioned above targeted molecular complexes such as viruses. There are a number of studies which show that the genetic macromolecules exposed to a variety of chemical and physical agents, including specific electromagnetic signals, can develop structural damages.

    Structural damages interfere with RNA replication and transcription, and thus can lead to the loss and distortion of information stored in RNA molecules. Biological consequences of such damage include the brake in the replication cycle of viruses, and eventually their death.

    7.     Could you explain how it is possible that the process of activation changes water molecular structure and maintains the change for a long time in a stable way?

    There is a possible method of 'imprinting' of information into the molecular structure of water. This method is a result of controlled changes in equilibrium state of clathrate and amorphous molecular structures of water. These changes lead to certain quantum transition of water molecules inside the microcavites of clathrate structures. At certain condition these changes can be very stable for long period of time.

    8.     How does Resonated Water strengthen the signal transduction between cells?

    The process of cellular signal transduction is based on the propagation of electromagnetic waves. Resonated Water has optimum physical characteristics such as viscosity, dielectric permittivity which can enhance the process of signal transduction between the cells.

    9.     How does Resonated Water improve cellular hydration?

    The process of activation can change the amount of amorphous water molecules. It leads to enhancement of intracellular mechanism related to salt component in water because amorphous molecules have lower viscosity.

    10.  How is the Activator different from nano technology?

    Liquid activated using the Liquid Resonator can be considered as a nanotechnology process. The difference is that most of the known nanotechnology processes are based on solid silicon material. However, the Liquid Resonator does not.

    11.  How stable is Resonated Water that has been resonated compared to normal water?

    Spring water is spoiled in 2-3 days at normal temperature. In contrast, Resonated Water is spoiled for 1.5-2 years. How is this possible? The organization state of molecular structure of spring water is a result of specific underground conditions such as temperature, pressure, etc. The molecular structure of spring water goes through relaxation process that leads to the lost of benefits under normal temperature and pressure. The specific molecular structure of Resonated Water is created under influence of Resonance Electromagnetic field when temperature and pressure is normal. That is why stability of Resonated Water is more profound.

    12.  Is there any research being carried out regarding effects of Resonated Water on human body? Could you explain the mechanism of Resonated Water regarding cancer suppression and white blood cell growth?

    Refer to Q6.

    13.  Is it possible to maximize the polymer size? In other words, is it possible to resonate water in a massive amount?

    It is possible to treat larger volume of water with the Liquid Resonator device? In this case device should have different characteristics of the magnetic power and the polymer size.

    14.  How long can the Resonated Water in human body maintain its effects after drinking?

    The effect of Resonated Water in the human body very much depends on the mineral content of water and some other physical parameters. According to experimental data and the results of preliminary theoretical calculations this effect can last more than 24 hours after drinking of Resonated Water.

    15.  Different individuals have different physical conditions. How does this relate to the effects of Resonated Water?

    The effect of Resonated Water depends on the physical conditions of individuals. For example, some individuals feel 'energetic' effect of Resonated Water faster to compare with other individuals. The mechanism of this phenomenon requires additional study and clinical research.

    16.  Different individuals have differences in characteristics of their cellular water. Is it reasonable to translate this to different responses in different individuals after drinking Resonated Water?

    Yes it is.

    17.  What is the measurement of determining the lifespan of a polymer unit? Is it the number of times of use or period of use?

    The life span of the Liquid Resonator polymer material was developed based on experimental work and precise math calculations, based on 10 hours usage per day. In this case it gives customer 7200 hours (2 years) of usage. The Liquid Resonator polymer material is exposed to strong magnetic field and bombardment of photos generated by LED. This process produces certain stress on molecular structure of material. It is called "fatigue of material". To avoid any misunderstanding we developed standard life span suggestion for Liquid Resonator device. That means the Liquid Resonator polymer should be replaced after 2 years of usage.

    18.  Have you conducted any animal test with Resonated Water?

    The tests on animals showed the capacity of Resonated Water to produce anti-bacterial effect, to inhibit significantly the development of infections and inflammations, to enhance the phagocytic system and immune response of the body, to enhance the tumor resistance in case of oncology diseases.

    19.  Resonated Water seems to be a magic, not just a kind of water. What would  you comment on this?

    Resonated Water is not magic water. Liquid Resonator is a special treatment of water with low frequency electromagnetic signals that can affect molecular structure of water. Resonated Water can selectively affect and stimulate biological processes in the body. The test showed that Liquid Resonator activation reduces the amount of free radicals and the hardness of water. There were no tests conducted on activated oxygen.

    20.  What is the explanation of the white blood cell increase after drinking Resonated Water? Has there been any treatise publication regarding this?

    Resonated Water has beneficial effect on blood morphology. It was found during the experiments conducted on the patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment at Cedar-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Another evidence of improvement of blood morphology with Resonated Water is experiments with Life Blood Cell Analysis. These experiments also showed improvement of red blood cells after drinking of Resonated Water. Thus Resonated Water has effect of general improvement of blood morphology (optimization of white blood cells as well as red blood cells). It means that Resonated Water can enhance (optimize) the immune system in the body. These data were published in Explore magazine that presents research materials for Alternative Medicine.

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